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Welcome to Phaseco Inc.

Phaseco Inc. is one of the most trusted names in power factor correction and harmonic filter requirements.

Not only do we provide an extensive arrary of low- and medium voltage products, but we offer project and consultative services as well.

Over the years, Phaseco has worked with hundreds of clients throughout the world.

Below are customer comments typical of what we receive upon completing a project:

"Phaseco did a fantastic job of documenting our harmonic filter requirements and that led us to revamp several aspects of how we handled our project."

"The installation process was professional, safe and right on schedule. Everything fit perfectly and preformed better than we had anticipated."

"Hiring a specialized company to handle our harmonic problem was a first for us. Had I known the scope of time and cost savings that was possible I would have worked with Phaseco much sooner."

If you're ready for an intelligent and creative solution to your power factor correction needs, contact Phaseco today.